Iraq 2004-2008 Flag

We offer Iraq 2004-2008 flags in several sizes and designs in our flag shop. Find many iraqi flags to buy online here at Royal-Flags.

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  • Iraq 2004-2008 - 3x5 ft Flag

    • Two metal grommets on the pole side
    • Standard polyester mesh fabric (weatherproof)
    • Average wind resistance
    • Standard size best for flag poles ranging from 6 ft to 20 ft (2 to 6 m)
  • Iraq 2004-2008 - Flag Patch

    • Detailed embroidery
    • To sew on or to iron on
    • Coated with iron-on glue

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  • Iraq 2004-2008 - 3x5 ft Flag


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  • Video: Iraq 2004-2008 - 3x5 ft Flag
  • Video: Iraq 2004-2008 - Flag Patch


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