Russia Flag - 8x12"

Russia Flag - 8x12"
  • White flag header tape with 3 mm cord

    White flag header tape with 3 mm cord

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Small Russia flag in size 8x12", manufactured from high-quality polyester.

On the pole side (left), the flag is reinforced with a white header, and the other edges have a double stitched hem for high resistance to tearing.

With two cords sewn in for attachment.

Futher details:

Strong colours with high colour intensity due to double-sided digital printing.

Washable. Can be ironed at a low temperature.

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Item number:4112
By:MaxFlags® · Flags for businesses and individuals
Size:approx 8x12" (20 x 30 cm)
Material:High-quality polyester mesh fabric · digitally printed · approx 115gsm · very durable and resistant to tearing
Accessories:Double stitched hem · White header with two cords sewn in
Specifications:Weatherproof · High wind resistance · Recommended for shipping (boats), trucks, vehicles, trikes, motorbikes, scooters, mopeds, bicycles and much more

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Category:Countries of the World
Neighboring countries:Azerbaijan · Belarus · China · Estonia · Finland · Georgia · Kazakhstan · Latvia · Mongolia · North Corea · Norway · Ukraine

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