Ukraine Mini Flag - 6x9"

Ukraine Mini Flag - 6x9"
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Mini Ukraine flag in size 6x9", made from heat cut polyester flag fabric.

On the left side, this little flag is reinforced with a 5 mm white pole sleeve open at top and bottom.

Futher details:

For decorative purposes. We do not recommend outdoor use.

High colour saturation through silk-screen printing on both sides.

We recommend to iron only at very low temperatures.

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Item number:9121
By:MaxFlags® · Flags for businesses and individuals
Size:approx 6x9" (15 x 22 cm)
Material:Screenprint on polyester · Double-sided through-printing · Mirror image on reverse side · Very light and thin
Edges:Heat cut sealed
Pole sleeve:5 mm · open top and bottom
Decoration ideas:

A mini bunting requires 1 metre of 2 mm flag cord and 4 mini flags. Carefully thread the cord through the pole sleeve and position the flags with 5 cm between them. This will leave 10 cm of cord at each end for attaching your personal bunting.

Personal style: Have a trusted tailor sew our mini flags onto your clothing.


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Category:Countries of the World
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