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WC 2018 Flags

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  • England Flag
    Group G: England, Belgium, Panama and Tunisia
  • The Flag of France
    Group C: France, Australia, Peru and Denmark
  • Spain Flag
    Group B: Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Iran
  • Germany Flag
    Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea
  • Australian Flag
    Group C: Australia, France, Peru and Denmark
  • Russia Flag
    Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay
  • Mexico Flag
    Group F: Mexico, Germany, Sweden and South Korea
  • Poland Flag
    Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan
  • Brazil Flag
    Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia
  • Belgian Flag
    Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England
  • Portuguese Flag
    Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran
  • Japan Flag
    Group H: Japan, Poland, Senegal and Colombia
  • Sweden Flag
    Group F: Sweden, Germany, Mexico and South Korea
  • Iceland Flag
    Group D: Iceland, Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria
  • Egyptian Flag
    Group A: Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay
  • Danish Flag
    Group C: Denmark, France, Australia and Peru
  • Flag of Argentina
    Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria
  • Croatia Flag
    Group D: Croatia, Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria
  • Nigerian Flag
    Group D: Nigeria, Argentina, Iceland and Croatia
  • Moroccan Flag
    Group B: Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Iran
  • Swiss Flag
    Group E: Switzerland, Brazil, Costa Rica and Serbia
  • South Korean Flag
    South Korea
    Group F: South Korea, Germany, Mexico and Sweden
  • Iranian Flag
    Group B: Iran, Portugal, Spain and Morocco
  • Serbian Flag
    Group E: Serbia, Brazil, Switzerland and Costa Rica
  • Flag of Uruguay
    Group A: Uruguay, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
  • Peruvian Flag
    Group C: Peru, France, Australia and Denmark
  • Tunisian Flag
    Group G: Tunisia, Belgium, Panama and England
  • Costa Rican Flag
    Costa Rica
    Group E: Costa Rica, Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia
  • Colombia Flag
    Group H: Colombia, Poland, Senegal and Japan
  • Saudi Arabian Flag
    Saudi Arabia
    Group A: Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt and Uruguay
  • Flag of Senegal
    Group H: Senegal, Poland, Colombia and Japan
  • Flag of Panama
    Group G: Panama, Belgium, Tunisia and England

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What is a flag?

A flag is an abstract two-dimensional order of colours, surfaces and symbols, usually in a rectangular shape. They are generally made of a cloth, but also from other materials like paper, plastic or metal. Their painted picture often fulfils the same purpose as the actual flag. Flags serve to transfer information visually, originally over a large distance, like from ship to ship. This is often the mark of membership or representation of communities or authorities. The theory of flags and banners is called vexillology.

Flags often symbolise groups and communities as, for example, party flags, national flags or city flags do. From this, national flags can also stand for the other characteristics of a country, such as for the national language. Besides that there are flags which send messages, like signal flags, or inform about situations, such as about possible dangers for bathers on the beach. Flags are now widely used as a means of advertising or as decorations for rooms and buildings.

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