Mardi Gras Flag

Mardi Gras Flag

We offer Mardi Gras flags in several sizes and designs in our flag shop. Find many Mardi Gras flags to buy online here at Royal-Flags.

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  • Mardi Gras 3x5 ft Flag
    • Two metal grommets on the pole side
    • Standard polyester mesh fabric (weatherproof)
    • Average wind resistance
    • Standard size best for flag poles ranging from 6 ft to 20 ft (2 to 6 m)
    incl VAT, excl shipping
  • Mardi Gras Hand Waving Flag 6x9"
    • With flag made from heat cut lightweight polyester flag fabric (approx 6x9" | 15 x 22 cm)
    • Removable pole with white plastic ball cap
    • Height: approx 12.5" (32 cm)
    • Pole diameter: approx 5 mm
    incl VAT, excl shipping
  • Mardi Gras Little Flag 6x9"
    • Made from heat cut polyester flag fabric
    • Approx 5 mm white pole sleeve open at top and bottom
    • Very light and thin
    incl VAT, excl shipping
  • Mardi Gras Flag Bunting 6x9", 3 m
    • 10 polyester flags (approx 6x9" | 15 x 22 cm)
    • Length: approx 10 ft (3 m)
    incl VAT, excl shipping
  • Mardi Gras Table Flag 6x9", wooden
    • With polyester flag (approx 6x9" | 15 x 22 cm)
    • Height: approx 12.5" (32 cm)
    • Wooden pole with a gold tip and a base made from wood
    incl VAT, excl shipping

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